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E-Bikes Florence does not use the personal information you submit via our booking system for any other purpose than that relating to the to processing of your booking. We do not share this information on to any other persons or agancies and we delete all of your information within 7 days of your experience with us, however if you would like to access any of the information stores or for it to be deleted then please contact us via email at

E-Bikes Florence's website was created with Wix, which has become GDPR compliant as of 25th May 2018. We do not use any of the Wix proprietory booking systems or member databases, so much of what is mentioned does not apply, but Wix released the following privacy policy about their collection of its user's data, some which applies to this website.

The following list of cookies are used by Wix to collect your non personal information for their operational purposes. None of this information is accessed by E-Bikes Florence and your data is not processed by any other 3rd party on our behalf.

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